Class Room

The college is having requisite number of classrooms to carry daily teaching activities and other rooms for organizing micro-teaching and simulation classes.

Science and Mathematics Education Resource Centre
Science and Mathematics Resource Centre

The science and mathematics resource centre of the college contains so many instruments and materials including skeletons, microscopes, geometric box, L.H. of silk worm, wind mill, diamond and graphite models, human torso, parts of human body and dissecting microscope etc. and so many hand-made charts, models etc. Different practical activities and experiments are conducted in the laboratory for updating the skills of the prospective science and mathematics teacher-trainees.


Art and Craft Resource Centre


The art and craft laboratory of the college makes maximum attempt for the unfold of the creative potential of the teacher-trainees in terms of giving them training on the method of preparing low-cost and no-cost teaching-learning materials.

Psychology Resource Centre
psychology_ resource _centre

The psychology laboratory consists of a variety of psychological tools and instruments for the use of the teacher-trainees and teacher educators. The teacher trainees are given practical training on different psychological theories and concepts in this laboratory and the laboratory is mostly helpful for the M. Ed students for their dissertation work.

Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre

This is age of technology. Knowledge on ICT is must for all the prospective teachers and as such the college is having a well furnished computer laboratory to update ICT related skills of each teacher-trainee. The computer laboratory of the college is having broadband internet facility. The teacher-trainees of different streams are given opportunity to use the computer laboratory for academic & research purpose and they are also trained on different aspects of computer operation through trained personnel in the laboratory.

Health and Physical Education Resource Centre
Sports Room

The physical and health resource centre of the college aims at making the teacher-trainees physically fit and healthy. It contains a variety of indoor and outdoor play materials and first aid materials to meet any emergency situation. Further the teacher-trainees are trained in the art of yogic activities and use of first aid box at the time of need.

Libray and Library Services

Library is the storehouse of knowledge. It symbolizes the quality of the teaching-learning process of any institution. As such the library of Krishma Educational Centre is the storehouse of collection of books of different taste including text books, reference books, encyclopedias, survey books, school books, story books, novels, magazines, national & international journals, general knowledge books, dictionaries and daily Hindi & English newspapers. Our library as a whole contains 8191 books and subscribes 33 journals & magazines. The library has book bank facility for the poor students and a reading room with the provision of the seating capacity of 67 students. The library remains open in all working days from 9A.M. to 5P.M. on demand during the holidays.

Language Lab

The language laboratory has been established in the college for the development of language skills of the teacher-trainees. The teacher-trainees are given opportunity for their regular visit to the laboratory and take the advantage of self-assessing system.

Social Science Lab

The social science laboratory is specifically meant for the teacher-trainees those opt for the teaching subject of social science. This laboratory contains instruments like globes, physical and political maps of India and World, different models as used in the teaching of the subject social science. The teacher educator in charge of this laboratory trains the teacher-trainees of different streams on the use of different models in social science teaching and also preparation of low-cost and no-cost teaching materials.

Multipurpose Hall

The college is having a well furnished multipurpose hall with the seating capacity of 300 people. This hall is utilized for organizing different type of academic and non-academic activities.


The hostel of the college is situated at chamunda colony, Ner Chowk, just 2kms away from the college. It is having the accommodation facility for 25 girls. All the modern facilities are being provided to the hostellers.