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      Sh. Krishan Chand

      It is said education is for liberation. True education liberates the individual from all the worldly bondages and leads him towards the ultimate reality and it is only the teachers who accomplish this task by means of their ceaseless effort and p

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    • director

      Er. Lalit Pathak

      Education is the most invaluable property of any individual living on this earth. One acquires it through informal, formal as well as non-formal agencies. Whatever may be the source of gathering knowledge the role of teacher can in no way be under

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      Prof. Sesadeba Pany

      The college Krishma Educational Centre (P.G. College of Education) is one of the leading teacher training colleges of the state Himachal Pradesh established with the purpose to create teachers par excellence for the society those in turn wi

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Fluid Power Engineering By M. Rabie Pdf Ebook
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